5 Tips to Never Get Locked out of your House Again

It’s happened to us all. You’re in a rush and you rush out. You close the door behind you and when you get it shut you realize you’ve failed to grab the keys. A single moment of lack of care is leading to a huge loss in time as well as money. Locksmiths, opening homes for clients who were locked out is among the most frequently-asked tasks I have to perform and it’s never a pleasurable scenario. If you need a reliable locksmith in Albertville area contact a professional Locksmith Albertville for the best locksmith services across Albertville. Albertville Locksmith Order has expert locksmiths for all types of residential and commercial locks and re-key. Therefore, today I’m going to share with you few ideas on how you can prevent being trapped in your home at any time.

1. Switch your doorknob to one that is keyless

In my opinion, this is the most crucial tip and yet, people forget about it. There is only one way for you to be shut out from your home (unless you’ve lost your key outside) and that is to lock the doorknob from inside, and then leaving the house without keys. Sometimes , we don’t even know that it’s locked until we go to go out for a moment, and when we return, we discover that we’re locked out.

If we switch our front knob to a keyless door knob, the sole method to lock the home is to use keys to lock the deadbolt without having to go outside. Therefore, you will keep it in mind. In terms of security however, even though having two locks on the door is more secure than having just one however, the knob on the door hardly enhances your security house when compared to the deadbolt which is the more secure part of both.

If you’re worried about decreasing the safety of your house you can simply add another deadbolt on the door. With two deadbolts as well as a keyless doorknob you’re protected from burglars and locked out. In reality, in the event that you only have an entry point for your door (and without deadbolts) This method won’t work.

To avoid this, you can always hire Change Door Lock Albertville to come forward and Replace Your Normal Door Locks with keyless door knob.

2. Instead of keeping a key hidden, put it in the lock box

Many people store keys in their house to prevent being locked out. If they are ever locked out the key is easily accessible from out in the open. This is a viable option, at least in theory. It might come in a shock, however the majority of burglaries don’t require entry. How do burglars get into a house? They look for the key hidden. Burglars are very informed of all Hide-as-Key solutions available, and they also know the most well-known locations people hide their keys, after all, they do it for a livelihood. Instead of hiding keys you can hide a lockbox and keep the key inside. It is important that everyone who lives within the home knows the code, so that you’ll always have a key in the outside to use in the event of a need and is well-protected from burglars. Some people put the lockbox hidden from view and it works however, it is important to note that an unlocked lockbox is more safe than one that is visible.

3. Don’t give a key to a neighbor or close family member

Do you have a neighbor you trust? Are you near your parents? Perfect! Utilize them! A reliable neighbor could serve as your personal lockbox. A key for your neighbor is a great option to make sure that you have a second entry point into your home in the event that you lose or forget the key. However, remember that it is only appropriate in the event that you’re familiar with the person and trust them completely.

A key from a neighbor is not just useful in the event that you are trapped, but when you require assistance for something inside the home when you’re away, such as the possibility of gas leak. Make sure you only lock yourself out when the neighbours are in the house.


4. Maintain a spare house key in your car

This only works when you keep your house and car keys in a separate location. Separating your car and home keys is a great way to ensure that you don’t get locked out of one or the other. Have a spare house key in your car, and an extra car key in the home. If you have both keys and you’re not locked from the other. If you split your chains of keys in two keys, there’s a less chance that you’ll miss taking both keys and as long as you’ve got one, you’re allowed access to the other. But there’s a major disadvantage to this method which requires you to take extra care when you decide to utilize it. If someone breaks into your vehicle, they could have access to your home also. It is important to ensure that your key is safely stored inside your vehicle in a location that an intruder isn’t likely to spot.

5. Switch your lock to a smart one

If you want to spend an extra amount There’s a different option which could be the best option. Smart locks are lock that can be opened with other methods, without the need to make use of keys. Smart locks are available in a variety of varieties. The most common include keypad combination locks, fingerprint locks and even eye scanning locks. Find out the lock that best suits your requirements and ensure it’s secure and of good quality. Installing a smart lock at your door will get rid of the need for keys, while making your home secure from burglars. While they may come with an additional cost be aware that often an initial lock-out cost by a locksmith can cost more than the most effective locks available and so the smart lock can reduce your expenses in the long time. A key thing to consider when you are considering upgrading into a digital lock is to be conscious of the charge of the battery inside the lock. If the lock has run out of batteries, your only choice to gain entry will be to utilize the manual lock mechanism that comes with the key that you might not carry in case you didn’t realize the lock was running out of batteries. Find a lock that beeps or blinks when the battery is low, and make sure to replace it when it is running low.